Sunday, February 23, 2014

Michelle Obama: "Young People Are Knuckleheads" And Need Obamacare

Michelle Obama: "Young People Are Knuckleheads" And Need Obamacare

THE FIRST LADY ALWAYS HAS A RIGHT... take on any special cause and make it "her thing"... In this case, though, her husband has led a takeover of one sixth of the economy via the "Affordable (ahem) Health Care Act"...won't be long before a suggestion of "eat kale chips instead of junk food" becomes enforced. Maybe homeland Security will buy up snacks and just make less available on the they've done with ammunition. Everything can be connected to health, so then everything becomes the government's business.

Mrs. Obama looked great, of course, dissing the demo that got them elected and re-elected...on Fallon show... (And when is the last time she's priced tennis shoes? Just asking..)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The First Lady is busy-bodying her latest "healthy eating" push, while making the Summit closed to the media...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now that hundreds of waivers have been given out and the White House has pushed business compliance back until  AFTER the 2014 election (how convenient) ...  What else can you expect? Call your insurance provider and ask... Chances are that will be an eye-opener, as it was when I called CIGNA...   Call your people and then share your experiences.....  Yes, it is uncharted territory we are entering, indeed.... On, and my insurance premium went up 20% on July 1...  No reason except the coming "benefits" of Obamacare...
And of course under the "Affordable Healthcare Act" everything is now Uncle Sam's business ...